Resolved to protect the remaining land on the Northeast Quadrant and have it designated as Parkland.

20 years later, the citizens of Milwaukee County are again working to finally protect this Milwaukee treasure for future generations-



8612 W. Watertown Plank Rd. Approx.!

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Sanctuary Woods at the Milwaukee County Grounds gets national recognition



 Mark your calendar for Tuesday, April 3rd, when Tosa voters will go to the polls to elect alders in every district. County Grounds Coalition endorsements are below. Remember: there's no better way to get the city to listen to us than to elect alders who agree with us.

After discussing with Ald. Allison Byrne the issues important to us, the County Grounds Coalition has decided to endorse her for re-election to the Common Council from Wauwatosa's 6th District.

Like us, Ald. Byrne opposes the extension and expansion of 92nd northward and any development of the Food Service Building area beyond the footprint of the building and its parking lot. She would not commit to including the acre-plus fronting Watertown Plank between the Ronald McDonald House and the WAC in the parkland (SP-Conservation District) rezoning proposal, but would be willing to "have that discussion,"

including the idea of making that area a public portal to the Sanctuary Woods.

Her reaching out to us to win our endorsement, her honesty in our discussion even when we disagreed (declining to commit to preserving that acre-plus from development), paired with her openness to including us and our views in "that discussion," has earned our endorsement.

While her opponent has dropped out of the race and is not campaigning for that seat, his name will still be on the ballot.

We therefore urge voters in District 6 to re-elect Allison Byrne to her seat on the Common Council.

  The County Grounds Coalition sent out a questionnaire to all the candidates running for Aldermanic Seats. We were joined by other organizations who are also interested in knowing more about these candidates and where the incumbents stand on the various issues.

 Grassroots Tosa,  Tosa For Good,  Tosa Neighbors United,  Tosa Together

You can read each of the alder candidates' responses to our joint questionnaire. See tabs.

County Grounds Coalition's endorsements based on interviews and the questionnaire;

     Mary is committed to preserving all the remaining natural areas of the County Grounds' Northeast Quadrant.


     Long active with the Coalition and in the community, she's taken on the developers and their political allies.

District 5: HEATHER KUHL
     Heather opposes "development and any road construction on the County Grounds’ northeast quadrant" while her opponent, newcomer Brent Nistler, refuses to commit to preserving it, saying alders should "look at what proposal is in front of them at the time it is proposed." The Coalition wants to take those remaining natural areas off the table for development "in perpetuity."

Please note that we won't be endorsing anyone in District 7 (Kofroth v. Morgan).

District 6 incumbent Allison Byrne’s questionnaire responses are also included here.

County Grounds Coalition #1-Stippich #1-Lockwood #2-Schoenherr #2-Causier #5-Kuhl #5-Nistler #6-Byrne #7-Kofroth #7-Morgan Question #8
Alders Answers to our questions