Dear supporters of Environment and the County Grounds, We are nearing a critical event in the long effort to protect this treasure….

The Public Hearing to determine the modified Life Sciences District Master Plan is on Tuesday Dec. 4th, at 7:30 pm. City Hall 7725 W North Ave.

The Wauwatosa City Council will hear our support for the map but concerns for additional detail needed within this plan.

In October, we commended the City on their modifications of the map and requested 5 points of preservation be added/addressed within the plan. At this time, they are not clear or strong enough to be effective. Please come to hear our recommendations, hold up signs, support our requests by attending! Print up and post the posters and information to all of your contacts.  Bring your friends, family, and others who visit this treasure and all who understand the future of this land is in our hands. Contact the Common Council Members: by email or phone.  Contact Mayor Ehley: 

Resolved to protect the remaining land on the Northeast Quadrant and have it designated as Parkland.

20 years later, the citizens of Milwaukee County are again working to finally protect this Milwaukee treasure for future generations-

Here are our 5 preservation points:


Member of the Plan Commission,

As a member of the ad Hoc Environmental Committee that prepared the Environmental Report regarding wildlife and ecosystems on the County Grounds Northeast quadrant and based on our collective findings I would like to request the following points be considered and added to the modified Life Sciences District Master Plan.

These will assure the success of the goals in the redefined boundaries.

5 points of preservation:

1. That any new development/building that occurs on the northeast quadrant comply with Dark Sky’s protocols, (we have many nocturnal animals) Light pollution impacts natural areas.

2. That the federal guidelines for the endangered rusty patched bumble bee be adhered to—and incidental take permits must be applied for with any new developments.

3. That the City work closely with environmentalists regarding building heights ---the value of this land as a migratory bird corridor could easily and irreparably be destroyed by high scale buildings.

4. And that this plan reflects and remains consistent with the approved Business Planned Development Zoning district for UWM’s Innovation Campus. It should also reflect and remain consistent with Milw Co’s Land Sale Agreement.

5. That all new development landscapes emphasize and prominently feature native plants and reflect the recommendations in the Habitat Protection Plan for the NE Quadrant.

Public Hearing Announcement! Wildlife Survey Report for: Milwaukee County Grounds  (part of the Milwaukee Estuary Area of Concern Study) Environmental Report for County Grounds Environmental Report

Sanctuary Woods and Medical Complex from County Grounds Park. Photo by Eddee Daniel.

Preservation has Become a Priority for Wauwatosa’s Sanctuary Woods


Wildlife Survey Report