Your name: Mary Lockwood

Address: 7517 W Garfield Ave

Email address:
Occupation/Employer: Self

Why do you want to be a Wauwatosa alder?

I teach my kids that it’s important to get involved, speak up and advocate for what you believe in — and to speak up for those who need a voice. I believe that the interests of the city’s leaders are diverging from the interests of people who make up our community. I would like to bring the voice of my neighbors to the table, and I’m passionate about bringing together people with differing viewpoints to have open and meaningful conversations. That’s how we find real solutions that will move our city forward. 

What experience in the private sector or in public service would you bring to this position?

My time working in emergency medical services has tested my decision-making and grace under pressure. There are very few situations that I find shocking, and there are very few problems for which I cannot readily find a place to begin working on a solution. My experience has also given me insight into the work of our first responders, including our police and firefighters, and what it takes to keep our community safe.

With what charitable, civic, or other organizations have you served? Briefly describe your contributions to these groups.

I have served my community as an EMT and have worked as a GED prep coach and a conversation companion/ESL coach for non-native English speakers. 
The GED prep included tutoring/test prep, setting up testing, and following through with testing. 
ESL coaching/conversation companion included taking individuals on everyday outings to practice being immersed in an English-speaking community. This past year, I’ve become deeply involved in social justice causes through groups like Indivisible and the Forward Action Wisconsin Network. I’ve hosted postcard-writing parties to write our legislators, regularly visited the offices of our elected officials to advocate for issues (often with my two young children in tow), and participated in marches and protests to raise awareness of issues ranging from health care to tax reform to immigration. In addition, I am a regular volunteer at my children’s school, Lincoln Elementary.

What are the two or three biggest issues Wauwatosa will face over the next four years?

Like any city, Wauwatosa needs to evaluate and weigh residents’ priorities with what the city requires for revenue and maintenance. Three major issues: Our level of development may not be sustainable, our budget may be out of balance and needs to be 
re-evaluated, and our infrastructure, much like that of the rest of the country, needs to be updated to handle our modern needs.

Has Wauwatosa found the right balance between tax-base expansion through development on the one hand and neighborhood preservation and natural-area protections on the other, or does the city need to slow down and reevaluate the speed and extent of new development?

I hear the people of our community saying, ‘I don’t like the direction that we are going with development,’ and we need to listen to that. We don’t get a second chance to preserve our historic and beloved homes, and we cannot recoup lost green space as easily as we can preserve it in the first place. 

What other options for funding city services, including raising taxes, should Wauwatosa explore?

I believe that many Tosans would rather see an increase in their taxes before they would support a multifamily housing structure in their backyard. The idea that revenue from development is the best way to bring in money may be a short-sighted one. The use of TIFs, in particular, leaves a gap between the services that we will need to support these districts in the advancing years of the TIF and the money that is going into funding those services. 
I also believe that the creative use of fees, such as in the case of Dewey Beach, Delaware, is a model to consider for revenue streams other than development and direct taxing. 

Where could the city look for cost savings? What expenses could it cut or trim?

If we were to limit the amount of TIFs handed out by the city, I believe that we could be well on our way to balancing our budget. 

Do you favor or oppose additional development or road construction — including the proposed northward extension of 92nd Street to accommodate cars, trucks and busses — on the County Grounds’ northeast quadrant (north of Watertown Plank and east of I-45)? 

I do not support the further development of the northeast quadrant of the County Grounds. Not for a road, not for anything that will disrupt the County Grounds as they are now.

Do you support proposals to move City Hall and replace the current structure with private development, or should Wauwatosa rehabilitate City Hall instead?

I support the proposal to renovate City Hall where it stands. I believe that the location is ideal and that the rehabilitation budget is reasonable.

Why do you think members of the groups sponsoring this questionnaire should support you?

I believe that the Northeast quadrant of the County Grounds should remain as is, and I will fight to keep this so. 
I believe that the city’s push to develop as the only solid revenue stream will lead us to more significant problems in the future.

How might public officials work proactively to make Wauwatosa a more welcoming community to people of all races and backgrounds who live here, or work, attend school, visit or shop here? What steps should the city take to promote diversity in its hiring practices?

People need to feel safe and welcome to set roots in a community. There is an obvious need for greater diversity training and sensitivity. We need education to highlight the value in welcoming the different world views that a diverse cross section of people will bring to our community. 

How should the city address the issue of affordable housing in Wauwatosa?

I think that we can use a space like the one located at the JCP Logistics site. We could look into the prospect of HUD money or perhaps a TIF in this instance to enhance what would otherwise be a blighted area. 

Would you be willing to participate in a candidate forum or a debate with your opponent?

I would welcome the opportunity to debate the issues facing our city with Mr. Stippich.

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