Barb Schoenherr

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Occupation/Employer: RN/business owner

1. Why do you want to be a Wauwatosa alder?

I feel that the voices of the residents are not being heard. I have been present at city meetings for 3 years, so I am running with an understanding of how our city government functions.

2. What experience in the private sector or public service would you bring to this position?

I have been an RN case manager and am used to looking at how to find resources, solve problems and engage people in a constructive manner.

In my business I engage with hundreds of people. I have a strong customer service ethic. I am also a volunteer Safety Liaison with the Wauwatosa Police Dept.

3. With what charitable, civic or other organizations have you served? Briefly describe your contributions to these groups.

I have assisted with the reintroduction of peregrine falcons with the Iowa DNR.

I am a member of the programming committee of the Loose Bead Society of Greater Milwaukee. We teach jewelry artistry, and do community service projects to vets, scouts, etc.

And I am a member of the County Grounds Coalition.

4. What are the two or three biggest issues that Wauwatosa will face over the next four years?

Affordable housing

Growing debt service

A lack of increasing police, fire, public works services to accommodate the developments/apts.

5. Has Wauwatosa found the right balance between tax-base expansion through development on the one hand and neighborhood preservation and natural-area protections on the other, or does the city need to slow down and reevaluate the speed and extent of new development?

The city needs to slow down and at the very least allow time for the new developments to be occupied before building anything more. We have used TIF funding which only expands the tax base years from now. While placing demands on resources (police, fire, etc.) and infrastructure.

6. What other options for funding services, including raising taxes, should Wauwatosa explore?

Decrease consultant utilization. We have a staff of 36 in the development department alone and are still contracting with consultants.

Per the city admin we have already met development goals for 6 years. More is NOT required.

7. Where could the city look for cost savings? What expenses could it cut or trim?

Reducing the salary for the City Administrator. It is $180,000+/year. More than the FBI director.

Hire fewer consultants.

Pay better attention to cost overruns on projects and poor design elements that require costly remediation.

8. Do you favor or oppose additional development or road construction – including the proposed northward extension of N 92nd St to accommodate cars,trucks and buses, on the county grounds' northeast quadrant (north of Watertown Plank Road and east of I-45)?

I oppose it. It bifurcates an environmental corridor with essential habitat. It also opens the door to leverage more land fragmentation on the County Grounds for more development.

9. Do you support proposals to move City Hall and replace the current structure with private development or should Wauwatosa rehabilitate City Hall instead?

The amount to repair City Hall per the study is $3.5 million. It is DEFERRED maintenance expense. But yet we spend millions on consultants.

The cost to the community would be a loss of hard assets. This plan to develop per the study is not the most cost effective direction for the city.

10. Why do you think members of the groups sponsoring this questionnaire should support you?

I have spent the time to learn the issues thoroughly, be they environmental, societal, or fiscal. I am not afraid to stand up and support neighborhoods or address issues.

It is my belief that their needs to be a better balance between growth and the voices of the citizens.

11. How might public officials work proactively to make Wauwatosa a more welcoming community to people of all races and backgrounds who live here,or work,visit or shop here?  What steps should the city take to promote diversity in its hiring practices?

Maintain more affordable housing that does not exclude persons of moderate income.

Have more multi-cultural events (ex Hart Park would be great for a Native American Pow Wow).

Celebrate diversity.

12. How should the city address the issue of affordable housing in Wauwatosa?

Many of the developments should have had a requirement for a percentage of affordable housing as a part of their developer agreements. Very short sighted that this was not done.

More Block Grant monies need to be allocated for critical home repairs.

13. Would you be willing to participate in a candidate forum or a debate with your opponent?

A candidate forum if time allows. We are less than 30 days from the election.

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