Your name: Allison Lee Byrne

Address: 2368 N 91 Street

Phone Number: 414-531-2862

Email address:

Masters of Education UW Milwaukee

Licensed Social Worker, Marquette University

Coached Basketball, Battle of the Books and Lego League

Foster Care Advocate

Mother of Four Children in Wauwatosa Schools

  1. Why do you want to be a Wauwatosa alder?

Serving as an alderwoman for the past four years has been an honor. I strongly believe my background in education, social work and parenting four children with varying needs, brings balance and practicality to municipal government.  I am proud of the work I have done on council; My work with the MidTown business group, my efforts towards revitalization of the village and increased communication with our police department are a few areas I believe my service has made an impact. I always do my best to bring honesty and integrity to politics.

  1. What experience in the private sector or in public service would you bring to this position?

My resume is not what I thought it would be when I was 20.  Much of my time between 2002 and 2016 was taken by using my experience as a certified teacher and licensed social worker to advocate for my four children – three of which came into my house with special needs.  All of whom are now thriving.  Anyone who has had to advocate for services for a loved one knows the many skills it takes to do it well.  I had to become an expert on premature babies, neglected children, reactive attachment disorder and neurological processing disorders, while working on a master’s paper on the economics of school choice in Milwaukee.

3. With what charitable, civic, or other organizations have you served? Briefly describe your contributions to these groups.

I am currently the Grant Chairwoman and Board Member for the Education Foundation of Wauwatosa.  I have coached Tosa Basketball for five years.  My family and I are members at St. Matthew’s Church where I have served as Conformation Group Leader and Vacation Bible School teacher. I am Vice-Chair for the Transportation Affairs Committee.  I am Committee Chair/Co-Chair for Battle of the Books and High Interest Day. I am on the Community Development Authority.  I am a member of the Tosa Giving Club and coordinated the December drive for Teens in Foster Care.  

  1. What are the two or three biggest issues Wauwatosa will face over the next four years?


We need to maintain the character of Wauwatosa.  I am running to bring a thoughtful approach to balancing developmental options with the need for funding essential services.  I love my historical home, and I want to live on a block filled with homes.   Prioritizing balance and quality of life issues with be a large focus.

5.Has Wauwatosa found the right balance between tax-base expansion through development on the one hand and neighborhood preservation and natural-area protections on the other, or does the city need to slow down and reevaluate the speed and extent of new development?

Wauwatosa does not have the need to develop blighted properties that it did 10 years ago.  We need to look at each project with a current lens and maintain what makes Wauwatosa such a desirable neighborhood.

6. What other options for funding city services, including raising taxes, should Wauwatosa explore?

I understand the need to continue growing tax revenue to maintain the excellent level of services we receive in Wauwatosa.  The understanding of our citizen’s love for the neighborhoods of Wauwatosa, as well as the ability to weigh the cost benefit of each individual project before council, allows me to advocate for balanced decisions and planning for our community.  

At some point – if Madison does not change municipalities ability to raise taxes for cost of living increases, we are going to have some tough discussions as a community.  I am interested in input from the tax payers about what direction they prefer, tax increases or service cuts.  That said – we are a few years away from those decisions due to the excellent work by our finance department and administration.

7. Where could the city look for cost savings? What expenses could it cut or trim?

I have heard from the fire department, the police department, public works and our finance department.  I absolutely believe them when they say – there are no significant cuts left.  Any significant cuts will effect the quality of life of Wauwatosa residents.

8. Do you favor or oppose additional development or road construction — including the proposed northward extension of 92nd Street to accommodate cars, trucks and busses — on the County Grounds’ northeast quadrant (north of Watertown Plank and east of I-45)?

I have spoken many times on County Grounds, and when a county employee told me to “be brave” and support an apartment complex on the site, I told him I was brave.  I am not supporting it.  

That said, if there is scaled development adjacent to Watertown plank – or ADA (Americans Disability Act) development in the grounds I will have that conversation.

9. Do you support proposals to move City Hall and replace the current structure with private development, or should Wauwatosa rehabilitate City Hall instead?

I am one of 5 alders who voted no to spending $30,000 to explore re-development on the city hall site.  

10. Why do you think members of the groups sponsoring this questionnaire should support you?

I ask for your support, and your vote because I bring a unique, needed voice and perspective to city government.  

Thirteen years ago, my husband, son and I were looking for a house and a neighborhood to raise our family.  We wanted a beautiful home in an active neighborhood, and we chose Wauwatosa. I now have four children between 10 and 15.  When people ask us how we do it, I honestly answer: “because I have a village who helps me in Tosa”.

I am running to make our streets safer for all our citizens, especially our children. In my role as Vice Chair on the Transportation Affairs Committee, I work with the Wauwatosa Public Works Department and Safe Routes to School to create safer streets in a city with increasing traffic.  I have spent hours over the past four years working towards the goal of increased car and pedestrian safety in MidTown.  I spoke in favor of The MidTown Tosa Plan, last Monday, February 12th, which is the necessary first step toward securing funding for safer intersections on North Avenue at 76th St, 83rd St, Pasadena, 92nd and Menomonee River Parkway.

11. How might public officials work proactively to make Wauwatosa a more welcoming community to people of all races and backgrounds who live here, or work, attend school, visit or shop here?  What steps should the city take to promote diversity in its hiring practices?

I hope to open a window for a relatively unheard voice in Wauwatosa. I have been very proud to advocate for teens in foster care and look forward to this April when for the first time, their art and poetry will be hung in the Tosa library intermingled with the art of our Wauwatosa students.

I think we all need to make sure we actively look for opportunities to have conversations and advocate for inclusion.

12. How should the city address the issue of affordable housing in Wauwatosa?

I am running to help enable the residents of Wauwatosa stay in our city over their lifetimes.  I will spend my next four years continuing to advocate for housing options for our seniors and citizens with disabilities.  I work with a group of amazing parents to try to come up with creative housing solutions for their children with varying needs and disabilities.

13. Would you be willing to participate in a candidate forum or a debate with your opponent?


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