Your name:  Jason Kofroth

Address: 2101 N 116th St.

Phone Number:  414-687-6267

Email address:

Occupation/Employer:  Financial Services

  1. Why do you want to be a Wauwatosa alder?

I am running for re-election because I passionately care about the direction the city is going. Over the last four year, I have focused on how we can financially prepare the City for years to come.

2. What experience in the private sector or in public service would you bring to this position? My work in the financial sector provides relevant experience for the budgeting and planning process that elected officials participate in.

3. With what charitable, civic, or other organizations have you served? Briefly describe your contributions to these groups.    

Vice-Chair of Wauwatosa Government Affairs Committee, Member of Wauwatosa Financial Affairs Committee, Member of Wauwatosa Youth Commission, Member of Fisher Woods Neighborhood Association, SecureFutures – Teen Financial Literacy Program, Youth Club Basketball Coach

4. What are the two or three biggest issues Wauwatosa will face over the next four years?

 Budgeting for deferred maintenance on infrastructure and ways to preserve the city services that resident’s value.

5. Has Wauwatosa found the right balance between tax-base expansion through development on the one hand and neighborhood preservation and natural-area protections on the other, or does the city need to slow down and reevaluate the speed and extent of new development?  

  I don’t believe anyone can determine what the right balance should be. The free market will determine what development is proposed. It is the elected official’s responsibility to evaluate if the development meets the needs of the city.

6. What other options for funding city services, including raising taxes, should Wauwatosa explore?

The city should use a balanced approach of reducing expenditures through efficiencies in processes and expansion of the tax based through responsibly redevelopment.

7. Where could the city look for cost savings? What expenses could it cut or trim?

The city can look for efficiencies in their current services in order to reduce spending.

8. Do you favor or oppose additional development or road construction — including the proposed northward extension of 92nd Street to accommodate cars, trucks and busses — on the County Grounds’ northeast quadrant (north of Watertown Plank and east of I-45)?

I oppose the extension of 92nd for traffic into Sanctuary Woods.

9. Do you support proposals to move City Hall and replace the current structure with private development, or should Wauwatosa rehabilitate City Hall instead?

There is no proposal to move City Hall.  I support the financial study to determine the best use for that land.  The study has not been finalized.  

10. Why do you think members of the groups sponsoring this questionnaire should support you?

I have proven over the last four years that I will appropriately evaluate each proposal to determine what is most appropriate for our city.  My record speaks for itself.

11. How might public officials work proactively to make Wauwatosa a more welcoming community to people of all races and backgrounds who live here, or work, attend school, visit or shop here?  What steps should the city take to promote diversity in its hiring practices?

I believe Wauwatosa has been and will continue to be a welcoming place to all races and backgrounds.  The city, as a public entity, has a set policy for hiring based on merit.  

12. How should the city address the issue of affordable housing in Wauwatosa?

The city currently has funds set aside in the Community Development Authority to assist development of affordable housing.

13. Would you be willing to participate in a candidate forum or a debate with your opponent?


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