Your name: Brent Nistler

Address: 2504 North Lefeber Ave.

Phone Number: 414-416-9009

Email address:

Occupation/Employer: Nistler Law Office, s.c. 7000 West North Ave.

1. Why do you want to be a Wauwatosa alder?

I became interested in city government a few years ago when I took on a leadership role in advocating for an East Tosa Business Improvement District (BID) on North Avenue.  I also I enjoyed public service as an Assistant District Attorney, and want to serve in a non-partisan capacity.  I believe I have a unique skill set that would make me an effective alder.

2. What experience in the private sector or in public service would you bring to this position?

As an attorney, I’ve had to interpret statutes and ordinances which will help me write better and clearer ordinances.  I’ve also had to analyze complex and voluminous information, weigh and critique opinions from those who hold themselves out as experts, and also negotiate complex issues in a multiparty setting.   As an Assistant District Attorney, I had to make decisions for the good of the community, and carefully consider the public interest.

3. With what charitable, civic, or other organizations have you served? Briefly describe your contributions to these groups.

Beside my work on the BID mentioned above,  I also served as Chair of the School Committee at my daughter’s school, St. Sebastian, for two years.  I’ve been a volunteer DJ at 91.7 WMSE off and on for the past 17 years.  I currently volunteer as a mediator at the Waukesha Mediation and Restorative Justice Center.

4. What are the two or three biggest issues Wauwatosa will face over the next four years?

We need to proactively address the crime problem in East Tosa by advocating for more resources to our district.  Additionally, we need to intelligently manage growth on North Avenue and encourage development that is in keeping with the character of the community.  Finally we need to get a handle on city debt.

5. Has Wauwatosa found the right balance between tax-base expansion through development on the one hand and neighborhood preservation and natural-area protections on the other, or does the city need to slow down and reevaluate the speed and extent of new development?

I’m not sure this question is one that calls for a binary choice.  I believe that every proposal needs to be assessed on its own merits.  I think some projects, such as Mayfair Collection, are good for the community.  In contrast, many of these apartment proposals we have seen are ill conceived and could change the character of our neighborhoods, which along with our schools are our greatest strength.

6. What other options for funding city services, including raising taxes, should Wauwatosa explore?

We should advocate for legislative reform to close Dark Store Tax Loopholes.  See eg

7. Where could the city look for cost savings? What expenses could it cut or trim?

My opponent has suggested cutting garbage service in half.  I am against that proposal.  I think if we take a balanced approach to development rather than a hard line against it, we can achieve economic growth so we don’t have to cut services.

8. Do you favor or oppose additional development or road construction — including the proposed northward extension of 92nd Street to accommodate cars, trucks and busses — on the County Grounds’ northeast quadrant (north of Watertown Plank and east of I-45)?

I’m not taking an absolutist position on either side of this issue, because I believe that whoever gets elected has to look at what proposal is in front of them at the time it is proposed and make a decision that serves the public interest.  I believe that making a pledge on this issue sets up a potential conflict of interest in the event that new information would come to light and the alder would be faced with a dilemma of serving the public interest or keeping a pledge.

9. Do you support proposals to move City Hall and replace the current structure with private development, or should Wauwatosa rehabilitate City Hall instead?

No, I do not support proposals to move and/or replace city hall.

10. Why do you think members of the groups sponsoring this questionnaire should support you?

With my non partisan approach to this election, I feel that I am the best candidate to bring people together and with my unique skill set, I believe I can most effectively advocate for the issues important to East Tosans.

11. How might public officials work proactively to make Wauwatosa a more welcoming community to people of all races and backgrounds who live here, or work, attend school, visit or shop here?  What steps should the city take to promote diversity in its hiring practices?

I would like to see the city take a more proactive role in recruiting minority and women businesses to relocate to Wauwatosa.

12. How should the city address the issue of affordable housing in Wauwatosa?

I would like to see the city pursue grant funding available for this from State and Federal sources, but until the city gets a handle on its debt, I would be opposed to additional city resources being devoted to this.

13. Would you be willing to participate in a candidate forum or a debate with your opponent?


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