Answers to Question 8:
Do you favor or oppose additional development or road construction — including the proposed northward extension of 92nd Street to accommodate cars, trucks and busses — on the County Grounds’ northeast quadrant (north of Watertown Plank and east of I-45)?

Matthew Stippich: Dist. 1

As I mentioned the last time this issue was discussed before the Community Affairs Committee, I am in support of protecting the Northeast Quadrant from further expansion beyond those areas already designated as developable parcels.  To this end, I am in support of rezoning portions of this area from institutional to parks/open spaces or other conservation designation.  I would also support a plan that prohibits the northward extension of 92nd street.  

Mary Lockwood: Dist. 1

I do not support the further development of the northeast quadrant of the County Grounds. Not for a road, not for anything that will disrupt the County Grounds as they are now.

Kathleen Causier: Dist. 2

The remaining undeveloped grounds that are not already part of the county park should not be developed. I would not support zoning that allows development or road building in those areas. The one area that I am exempting for now from that statement is the so-called food service building as I am still undecided about future use of a commercial site that is currently there, albeit closed.

Barb Schoenherr: Dist. 2

I oppose it. It bifurcates an environmental corridor with essential habitat. It also opens the door to leverage more land fragmentation on the County Grounds for more development.

Brent Nistler: Dist. 5

I’m not taking an absolutist position on either side of this issue, because I believe that whoever gets elected has to look at what proposal is in front of them at the time it is proposed and make a decision that serves the public interest.  I believe that making a pledge on this issue sets up a potential conflict of interest in the event that new information would come to light and the alder would be faced with a dilemma of serving the public interest or keeping a pledge.

Heather Kuhl: Dist. 5

I oppose development and any road construction on the County Grounds’ northeast quadrant. Leadership can’t use “green spaces” as just a talking point. We need to take active measures to preserve what we have. We need to respect the economic value of keeping the County Grounds and Sanctuary Woods intact, and also understand that not all value can be measured in dollars and cents.

Jason Kofroth: Dist. 7

I oppose the extension of 92nd for traffic into Sanctuary Woods.

Mike Morgan: Dist. 7

I support reasonable road construction and development [with] appropriate input from the community.

Allison Byrne: Dist. 6

I have spoken many times on County Grounds, and when a county employee told me to “be brave” and support an apartment complex on the site, I told him I was brave.  I am not supporting it.  

That said, if there is scaled development adjacent to Watertown plank – or ADA (Americans Disability Act) development in the grounds I will have that conversation.

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